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Complesso alberghiero


Hong Kong



arch. Annalisa De Concini

The  fundamental requirements stated in the brief, defining with  precision the set théme, tempering the outcome, and constringing the project towards the only solution we found suitable, were the only rational data from which to  set out with confidence.

In this way the details of  the task establisched the conditions of possibility for the form, and, at the same time, represented the stimuli from which this was produced.

Nevertheless these special indications of the brief  became concrete "elements   of the composition of the project" assuming that  they had  also to satisfy that relationship   of "immediacy" which must always be established with architecture as construction: we refer here not only ba sach general notions as solidity   and endurance, but also to clarity  of form and logic of construction.

The basic design choices have been simple:


-  the sites being divided both physically and in terms of availability, the plan of the complex was risolved in a way which retains the individual character of the different lots.

This impostation was also justified by the fact that the land is in a unique position which gives the possibility of wonderful panoramic views over the whole harbor of Hong Kong: therefore it was better not to intervene with a single massive block but to devide the complex in a series of volumes so as to avoid creating a visual barrier.

- The intervention being situated dma position characterized by a particularly interesting environment we decided that the building form ought to be simple and elegant so as to be in a noble and pure relationship with the strong natural surroundings.The volumes in this way carry out a function of clear space events on a perspective level, in  contrast with the ipa variety offered  by the natural context.

The style is based on the definition arid independent distinctness of the main architectural volumes to put into evidence the different functional uses that each volume contains.

Although detailed design and construction are sequential, the elevational treatments of all the three buildings are similar.

All the levels have been studied on a modular system so as to rationalize the constructional methods and therefore to reduce the costs and time.

Even for the facades a modular panel system of cladding has been adopted.

The visibility from the urban centre below is ensured even during the night when the complex is lit inside since the facades are mostly glazed.





The building rises three storeys above ground,the two upper floors being detached by an open storey.

The second  and third  floor comprise the 20 residential suites directly related to  the main club facilities and the main kitchens by means of lifts and staircases both for  guests and staff.

The  volume which houses the 20 residential suites is sustained  by columns thus  allowing the ground floor roof  to  provide a partially covered terrace.

This terrace, which will be mostly turfed to create a fresh, garden atmosphere with use of water and fointains, is provided with ready     access and service for drinks ect.

The building on the side overlooking the harbour, is on Five levels and creates a series  of  open  air terraces, which generates a continual  gradation  of spacial elements, notably non protrusive, permitting  a more direct contact with outdoors» The attention of the project was constantly turned to the organization of  the spaces with the intention of creating an architectural    organism capable of articulating the complexity of the external and internal functional destinations in order to allow a close relation   between the parts and in the same time of offering flexibility of use.

The lobby occupies  the  central  part  of the ground floor of the building. As well as having a reception desk, behind which are situated the secretarial service unit and the managment office, the lobby acts as a diverging point for  the  frequenters of  the various  parts   of the ground  floor by means of spaces-corridors which give direct access  to the library, situated in a quiet corner, the lounge, restaurant,  snack bar, bar and cocktail lounge. The lobby is also directly linked to the floors helow where the external Club accomodation    and car parking are located.

The lounge, prefunction, bar and restaurant facilities have been distributed and sub-divided (by means of sliding sound- insulated walls) in order to allow a continuous flowing space as required in the brief. A continuous deck puts these internal spaces in direct contact  with the exterior so as to make the most of  the view and link with the pool area and outside    gardens.


The  snack  bar and bar-cocktail lounge are directly     connected by an elevator to the service areas and Lerrace level. All the service        areas, health club facilities (except    for the gymnasium), the swimming pool,  part of the parking   space and the thermic plant room are placed at the level below the ground floor.   The swimming  pool which is partially covered by the building has no overlooking residential accomodation infringing on its privicy.

The sub-basement is destinated    to the two squash courts, the gymnasium, car parking and pool machinery.

The two squash courts and the gymnasium, which develope in height on two floors, are directly connected with the pool area  and  lobby.


LOT 774

The two blocks, which  each house  four residential  units of approx 165 mq. and 230 ma. respectively, are completely detached.

Their form is very articulate and both have the ground floor completely open and  free to increase the possibility of parking and views.

Both  blocks  forsee three apartements plus a residential unit resolved in duplex.

The  dining area is  situated under the ground  level of the block containing  the four residential units of 230 mq.  It is directly linked  to the residential unit   by stairway and  lift and likewise  to the swimming   pool area.


LOT 913

This is a three storey building with basement. The simple form of the building states he simplicity of the functions for which the interior is destinated.

The  essential lines which  define its volume and the modularity of  the  facade  lines are interrupted only by the three staircases-lift cages: a clear separation of surfaces to accentuate the different  functions.


On each level    there  are five luxuriously equipped units. The basement is destinated  to car parking and thermic plant room.

Access  to  the area is via the entrance of LOT 640. 

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